Alimentex launches certificationbodyfinder.com

Does your Business sometimes struggle with the burden of maintaining multiple Certifications? certificationbodyfinder.com is the resource you have been waiting for!


certificationbodyfinder.com includes a unique system through which businesses can request and receive quotations for all of their Certifications from their selection of the available Certification Bodies. In as little as 5 minutes... you can submit a Quotation Request!


certificationbodyfinder.com allows users to ensure their certification and accreditation processes remain cost effective by providing the ability to request and receive quotations from multiple Certification Bodies with the click of a button. This is significantly more time and resource effective that current methods, which rely on substantial time and efforts from businesses being certified to specified standards.


Imagine being able to review the quotation for a single, or multiple certifications within a user friendly format from Certification Bodies you choose, within the timeframe that suits your schedule… certificationbodyfinder.com is your one and only certification quotation resource!


certificationbodyfinder.com includes numerous unique features such as:


  • The ability to submit quotation requests for any or all of your required Certifications at the click of a button, rather than through traditional methods, such as sending multiple quotation requests to multiple Certification Bodies. Save Time, Effort and Expenses!
  • 'Snapshot' views of Certification Body Responses to your quotation requests… compare your Certification Body options to ensure you choose the Certification Service that best suits your needs. Easy to Use Logical Process!
  • View and Search mechanisms for the Certifications available to provide Quotation responses through certificationbodyfinder.com. Think outside the box and consider Certification Bodies that could be providing a more cost effective and efficient Certification Service for your business!


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